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    Gain an edge following trading advice from the top legacy and crypto market analysts & traders around the world.

  • About Us

    We are much more than just a crypto signals leak channel

    VIP Leaks Pool started in December 2017 and has expanded to a full comprehensive trading haven. Our services include:


    - Automated Signal Trading Bot

    - Custom Automated Intelligence Driven Bitmex Trader

    - Premium Reports

    - Premium educational material

    - ICO and Masternode Pools

    - Insider Information

    - Thousands of dollars in premium leaked signals in real time


    We strongly believe in crypto and want our members to get a wide range of vetted experts and resources without having to be afraid of being scammed. We monitor channel performance constantly and continuously review new channels. Seeing multiple opinions is what truly makes you a more informed trader. Whether you are day trading, looking for quick scalps, long term holds, or small cap gems - VIPLeaksPool is the right place for you.

    We also provide top forex, futures, and stock market signals now! Read premium paid reports from hedge fund research services.

  • Check out all the channels you get for as little as .08 BTC / month

    Here's our current channel list we are leaking. All are provided instantly through bots so you don't miss any calls.




    Auto Trading


    AI Trading Channel





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    └📢4C | VIPL


    └📢BitmexVIP | VIPL

    └📢ChartVamp | VIPL

    └📢Cold Blooded Shiller | VIPL

    └📢Credible Academy | VIPL

    └📢Cryptocove | VIPL

    └📢CryptoInMinutes | VIPL

    └📢Crypto Signals Premium | VIPL

    └📢Darth Crypto | VIPL

    └📢Goldman Stacks VIP

    └📢Killmex | VIPL

    └📢Klondike | VIPL

    └📢Learn Crypto | VIPL

    └📢Margin Whales | VIPL

    └📢Onward | VIPL

    └📢Raticoin | VIPL

    └📢Rose | VIPL

    └📢TCA | VIPL

    └📢Tone Vays | VIPL

    └📢Trader X | VIPL

    └📢TradingCryptoCoach | VIPL

    └📢VIP Leaks Pool [Forex]

    └📢VIP Leaks Pool [Premium]

    └📢YoCrypto | VIPL

    └📢zCrypto | VIPL

    └📢Bitqueen | VIPL

    └📢Warsnop | VIPL

    └📢Bitmex Experts | VIPL

    └📢CryptoMist | VIPL

    └📢Credible Academy | Trades

    └📢CryptoInMinutes | Trades

    └📢Killmex | Trades

    └📢Trader X | Trades


    └📢Indices & Comodities

    └📢Price Action ICC | VIPL

    └📢Peter Brandt | VIPL

    └📢TraderSZ | VIPL

    └📢TradeDevils | VIPL

    └📢Dark Traders | VIPL

    └📢Rektproof | Analysis

    └📢Rektproof | Trades

    └📢Ichi Trader | VIPL

    └📢4C Analysis

    └📢Haven | Krillin

    └📢Haven | Pierre

    └📢Haven | Loma

    └📢Haven | UB

    └📢Tom Lee - FundStrat Insights

  • Telegram Channels

    We split our content into multiple channels

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    Crypto Premium Channel

    Top leaked channels and messages from our team are posted here. Channels must maintain 80%+ accuracy to remain in this channel.

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    AI Channels

    Calls backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many calls in here are quick 3-4% gainers with over 90% success. Perfect to pair with our trading bot.

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    Margin Trading Channels

    The best analysts dedicated to margin trading on multiple exchanges can be found here. We're looking for 85%+ accuracy here.

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    Educational Content

    We have accumulated thousands of dollars worth of premium trading material and videos to learn and improve your own trading.

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    Day Trades

    Channels where you have dedicated traders posting up day trades only. Don't sleep on a position and try to get 1-2% gains every day

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    Stocks, Forex, Commodities

    Get top stock picks, macro analysis, breakout trades, and options strategies. Futures trading experts trading gold, oil, farming futures. Follow S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 futures experts

  • Autotraders and Bots

    Keep trading even in your sleep

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    Custom Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot

    Auto-trade Bitmex Signals based on a special indicator that catches nearly all pumps and dumps. Best for Volatile Markets. Add-on Required

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    Leveraged Trading Automated Bots

    Copy trades from the best traders automatically. Follow their settings and you have some custom flexibility also all through your own telegram bot

  • Pricing

    Get the edge on trading today. If you're not happy within the first 5 days, we'll refund your fees completely.

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    Leaks Packages

    1. 12 Month at US$ 1000 for 365 days

    2. 6 Month at US$ 600 for 182 days

    3. 3 Month at US$ 350 for 90 days

    4. Monthly at US$ 200 for 30 days

    5. 1 week at US$ 100 for 7 days

    You get access to the leak channels and you become a premium member! You can access the free trading pool or masternode pools as well.

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    Automated Trading Bot

    Free crypto auto-trading channel that just requires a Cornix bot. We will walk you through how to set it up for easy long term automated growth. Invest using multiple strategies

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    Affiliate Program

    Make 10% of bot subscription for life of anyone you refer!

    Refer your friends to us and get 10% of whatever package they pick!

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    Message us on telegram to join our premium channel

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